Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Fashion Changes...

Then and Now

There is no one who enjoys dressing to the "9s"* more than I.  Shopping, I would go out thinking, "If I worked in an office as the female executive, I would wear this."  I had Austin Reed power suits with multiple/matching skirts that had varying lengths. My dresses had matching shoes. I kept my eye glasses updated with the latest "Smart Gal" styles/look. I have lived the fantasy on many occasions in that I have given presentations, interviewed, and worked presenting in my best female ensemble; wonderful memories. 

Rhonda - 1992
One of  My Best Executive Looks

Times have changed.  We all know that fashion is never meant to be static.  We all remember the 50's when women and men both wore hats. You would never go out without one.  There was the 70's  when "Bell Bottoms" were everywhere.  Fashion by definition refers to the styles of dress that is currently popular

Fashion goes beyond just clothing;  it extends to shoes, jewelry, and even how you style your hair.  Your overall presentation. 

According to TeenVogue:

At this point, no one really knows how or when the pandemic will end, and the fashion industry, just like every business sector, is scrambling to make it through – one thing is certain though: everyone has changed their daily life and also their fashion choices. It has been proven that major historical events, including pandemics, recessions, and wars change the way women dress. And clearly COVID-19 will also have a substantial effect, perhaps forever, on the way we dress...  We can assume that our fashion might continue to focus on comfortable staples even after the pandemic ends.

For me, fashion is the perfect form of escapism, for all the time spent in another life and now currently at home. We look forward to the next stage of fashion, post-pandemic. Here’s to dressing up, enjoying feel-good trends and wearing clothes that define our individuality/self once again.

The new Escape!  

* According to the Phrase Finder: To be 'dressed to the nines' is to be dressed flamboyantly or smartly. One theory has it that tailors used nine yards of material to make a suit (or, according to some authors, a shirt). The more material you had (used) the more kudos you accrued. 

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