Thursday, February 4, 2021

Fashion - Pull On Pants


There is nothing complicated going on here.  I love the look of the shown Boston Proper high rise pull on pants. Pull-on helps to flatten the stomach and with the right effort can provide a flat front. Here in Florida white is an acceptable look, year-round. 

The tops on the left is the Venus Basic Flounce Top and has a nice drape neck line with drop sleeves.  Sleeves can be problematic for us all as we age so choosing the appropriate length is important.  When in doubt, choose three-quarter length; always feminine and flattering.  

The shoes are my ancient J.Crew cap toe flats and wear just right across the front toes. Similar found here. or here  The J.Crew flats have real leather bottoms and a three-quarter inch heel; very comfortable for shopping and always look dressy.  

This is  great outfit for your spring/summer "Escape".  Enjoy!





  1. A question from a dummy here Rhonda concerning the term "pull on pants". Since you pull on all style of pants; I'm guessing that these "pull on" pants don't have a zipper, belt loops etc. In other words, you pull 'em on and that's it. Or is it something else?
    Angel Amore

  2. You just pull then up and they stay.