Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy July 4th

Think about the risk the signers of Declaration of Independence faced, had the war not been won. It is not just about hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks. 

 Signers of Declaration of Independence risked their lives, fortunes

By signing the document, the 56 men risked high treason against the King of England. In essence, they signed their death warrants because that was the penalty. However, death was not simple or quick. It was a process. First, the guilty party was to be hanged until unconscious. Then cut down and revived. Then disembowled and beheaded. Then cut in quarters. Each quarter was to be boiled in oil. The remnants were scattered abroad so the last resting place of the offender would remain forever unnamed, unhonored and unknown.

In addition to death, all of the offender’s earthly goods were confiscated by the state. The family could own no property and this dictate extended to future heirs. In the words of Shakespeare, “For the sins of your fathers, you, though guiltless, must suffer.”

So on this Fourth of July as you celebrate the holiday with hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks, remember those who “pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.”  

My Note: Derived from that is a republic we need to honor, cherish and keep. Display your independence this weekend and "ESCAPE"!

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