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Project 2025 - Hate and Extremism

Election 2024: Exposing Project 2025

The Truth about the Right-Wing’s Planned Takeover of the Federal Government [Trump's Handbook]

By Glaad  
Charlie Neibergall 
June 24, 2024

My Note: A Vote for Trump will be a vote and endorsement of "Project 2025".

CNN News today: ‘Just ludicrous’: Ex-Pence advisor on Trump’s attempt to distance himself from ‘Project 2025’

What is Project 2025?

A coalition of far-right organizations has a plan for the U.S. federal government if one of their allies returns to the Oval Office on January 20, 2025. Project 2025 is a presidential transition plan and a government in waiting, spearheaded and organized by the far-right the Heritage Foundation, and with 100 coalition partner organizations, many of which are well-known for pushing anti-LGBTQ policy, legal efforts, and harmful rhetoric, accompanied by Christian nationalism. The project is a 180-day playbook of regulations and executive orders that could be signed and implemented by the next president upon taking office, a database of potential appointees, and an online “education academy” to train appointees in its conservative tenets. 

The $22 million effort also includes a 1,000 page handbook which it describes as “the next conservative President’s last opportunity to save our republic.” It claims that its goal is to pave the way for an effective conservative administration. In fact, if implemented Project 2025 would strip away rights and protections, embolden authoritarianism, and weaken institutions that uphold American democracy and the rule of law.

The plan includes firing federal employees that oppose or insufficiently support right-wing policies, ending access to abortion and contraception, and eliminating protections for LGBTQ people. The document even calls for erasing LGBTQ-inclusive language throughout federal agencies such as “the terms sexual orientation and gender identity (“SOGI”), diversity, equity, and inclusion, gender, gender equality, gender equity, gender awareness, gender-sensitive, abortion, reproductive health, reproductive rights.” 

Though not named, Donald Trump is the only 2024 candidate who would be poised to enact the project’s mission, and the project’s director has indicated he expects “and hopes” Trump will win the presidency. 

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What does Project 2025 mean for LGBTQ people?

Project 2025 aims to gut protections for the LGBTQ community, which its organizers believe exists in opposition to the “traditional American family” and its Christian nationalist underpinnings. The Project would prioritize families “comprised of a married mother, father, and their children,” and would eliminate any federal policies that promote LGBTQ equality or that assist single mothers. The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) reports that the project claims falsely that, “Only heterosexual, two-parent families are safe for children, and that, ‘All other family forms involve higher levels of instability (the average length of same-sex marriages is half that of heterosexual marriages); financial stress or poverty; and poor behavioral, psychological, or educational outcomes.’ (Their data on the length of marriages is false).”


  1. Project 2025 scares the hell out of me and must not be allowed to be implemented!