Friday, July 5, 2024

Summer Shorts

Summer is time for a relaxed casual look  Walks on the beach, picnics or just a walk at the mall.  Overdressing is so "a lightning rod" for unwanted attention.  Observe how most women dress, and yes, do take it up a notch or two and you will look stylish with out screaming overdressing.

Pinterest -  Another Shorts Look

Above are two current items. The shorts are Ann Taylor (a Soma Sister store) - AT Weekend Belted High Rise Denim Shorts in Ivory.  A great fit and I love that I can roll up the leg opening to be much shorter than intended. I hate the long shorts look. Short is a better look for me. This weekend 50% off.  I had been watching these for several months waiting for the "Summer Sale".  the fit is generous.

Also, Amazon's Omoone Women's 3/4 Sleeve Denim Crop Top Tie Knot Shirt. I love the tie at the waist which is a definite feminine differential.  A very seasonable $25.00.  

What are you going to wear to the picnic?

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