Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Escape - Cape Coral (part 2)

Rhonda and Susan - Dinner
There were two blogs that inspired me - Femulate and SusanAfter60

Stana ever so graciously allows several guest posts on Femulate. That primed the pump for my writing; something I never knew I could do.  (Although the jury may still out on that.) 

I was a dedicated reader of Susan’s blog long before I started writing. I took her advice to heart. The gold standard of how to look “at a certain age” not only existed, but was achievable. "More" in my wardrobe were no longer the goal. Quality and style became the aim. The latest styles on the runway were never going to flatter, but there was a look that could. 

Susan was my inspiration. She is a beautiful woman, of any age, that provides fashion and life advice that really works. Rhonda aspires to be a woman of mature age that represents herself well. Fashion is different in the world of being invisible. You do want to dress to be seen, but not scream,” look at me”.  If ever noticed, I want to be seen as well dressed, put together and admired for being classy. Susan is all of those.

My self-image improved and my confidence soared. I was not about being a woman or being transgender; it was about the way you present yourself and being confident.

Susan also highlighted events that she enjoyed that provided a reason to get dressed up and attend. Be it elegant dinners at nice restaurants, symphonies, or a weekend get-aways. The "all dressed up with somewhere to go”.  When you have confidences you can and should go anywhere - ESCAPE.

During my trip to attend my high school reunion in Virginia, I had an appointment in western North Carolina close by where Susan lives. We planned to have a dinner and the evening was lovely. Many subjects were discussed. We talked well into the evening. Susan’s southern hospitality made the afternoon and evening amazing.

Just this past week we connected again at Cape Coral and our conversation took off where we left off. We shared pool time, an elegant dinner and met for breakfast the next morning. 

Susan is a lovely and genuine person. The advice she provides on her blog is real; as well the person. It is my pleasure to know a person of such value. Susan, thank you for sharing your blog/thoughts with the world and sharing precious time with me.  

See Susan's photos of her vacation - hotel and area.  More of my photos tomorrow.  Stay tuned.... 

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