Monday, January 8, 2018

Martin Luther King Day

Today we pause to remember a man who fought social injustice. Let us never forget that discrimination and prejudice were ingrained in American culture for many generations. Understanding its harm is important to the advancing of humanity and civilization. As transgender individuals, we have felt the sting of prejudice and have been called "those people" as well. Dr. King told us that he had a dream "when all of God's children will be able to sing...."

I came to realize long ago that one should not presume justice and acceptance if one practices injustice and exclusion. As we accept the differences in ourselves, let our eyes be wide open to the differences in others. Being transgender is no more of a choice than having blue eyes, being right-handed, being gay or black. It is part of the human fabric. In some ways, we have progressed however, sadly some still looked down upon those they see as "different". 

Let that not be one of us. Let all of us make sure as we seek acceptance, we give acceptance. Discrimination and prejudice are damaging to the human spirit.  

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. My dream is that someday we will be free to openly present ourselves (dress) as we desire, be able to choose our gender freely and be open to love anyone we choose. All of there without stigma or prejudice. 

Our dream is only possible if we stand tall against those who want us to apologize or be ashamed of what or who we are. Proudly escape!

I plan on leaving my survey up one more week.  If you have not already expressed your likes or dislike about Rhonda's Escape, please do.  I am most grateful to those who have taken the 1 minute survey. I will share overall results next week.   Thank you    


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