Thursday, January 4, 2018

Feminine Differential - Just Right

My Goldilocks look - Just right 
The Goldilocks principal is finding just the right mix. In our case not too masculine or overtly feminine as to be a character. In the past I have struggled with casual and viewed many outfits with jean as just an extension of my everyday non-feminine androgynous look. At the same time being overdressed can garner unwanted attention. I am always on the look for just the right look.  

Today's fashion layout is centered around a Chico's knit top. It is almost tunic like in length, large/forgiving and dropping below the waist. It has beautiful back details around the neck line and going down the back. The Talbot's  Superga® Stripe Sneakers have the perfect "blend in" look and go with the this top and jeans.  

If people stare I want then to see the outfit as pulled together and wonder where she got that? Early on, I was terrified when someone looked and/or asking a question. Now I love conversation and am stopped and ask where did I get that top, shoes or have my hair done. Compliments are great and I give out as many as I receive. We love it and compliments are part of the feminine differential. Think for a minute; were you ever stopped as a guy ask told "I just love those wing tip shoes"; never happened. It is part of being feminine to complement.  

Women compliment each other and be prepared with your best smile when it happens. It is part of bonding and being friendly. Also use it as an ice-breaker. If someone is staring use a complement as re-assurance as to your innocent presentation. Females have a genuine fear and intuition as to when something is not "right". They are taught this as part of self preservation and protection of their young.  

Never impose, lurk or look guilty. Always use your best disarming smile and complement when appropriate. Go with the Goldilocks look and be "just right".


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