Monday, January 22, 2018

LadyLike - Flying Solo

Cover - LadyLike #33


One of my biggest thrills for my early transgender days was sharing one of my "Escapes" in the pages of a national magazine.  Life, Look, National Graphic - No, JoAnn Robert's LadyLike. It was my favorite magazine; clean, good advice and real stories written by real people.

I knew Joann from attending transgender conferences like Southern Comfort, Be-All, and Holiday EnFemme. We hit it off. She was a strong willed, opinionated, petite, bomb shell. I approached JoAnn with a real experience I had flying coast to coast back in 1988. (OMG - almost 30 years ago.) She said, "write it up".  I did and to my absolute amazement, it was published in LadyLike #33.  JoAnn titled it - "Flying Solo".   

Likely, some of you have read it here, but just in case here are the links:

Trying The Door - Part 3 - Cancelled Connection
 Trying The Door - Part 4 - The Next Day

I have always been grateful to JoAnn for printing my first ever attempt at writing. Joann, I miss you and the conversations we had at the conventions. A true friend.  


My story from LadyLike #33
JoAnn Roberts

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  1. I went to one of her weekends in the Poconos in 1990. What amazed me was knowing my name when she had a 100 girls there. Great personality.