Monday, January 29, 2018

Escape Stay - (part 1)

Marina and Hotel

Below is the e-mail I receive last week after my stay at the Florida Westin Cape Coral Resort.  A short escape but so worthwhile. I walked the marina and shops plus enjoyed the pool and restaurants. The hotel was a total resort with many amenities and much to do plus being close to Fort Myers / Sanibel Island. Just sitting and watching all the yachts coming and going was so relaxing.  

I may have been the only Floridian there. While enjoying the pool I had conversations with people form Chicago, Minneapolis, and Cleveland.  The West Coast for Florida for me is just an easy, scenic 2 hour, 45 minute drive.  Notes to self - You must do this escape more often.     

I will write more about the good times I had with a fellow blogger as we compared notes on writing and life. We  enjoyed wine, laughed over an elegant dinner and shared fun at the pool.  Stay tuned...

A very special and needed escape.    

Just leaving the pool area


  1. The Westin in Cape Coral looks like a great place to visit. I will keep it in mind if we opt to visit Cape Coral. It is a place to go that we have not really explored.
    This year we started in Naples (we were supposed to be on Marco but the unit we rented was damaged in the storm). After Naples we did a week in Jupiter and are now finishing up our 'get warm' tour on Hutchinson Island. It is our experience that folks from the north east (N,NJ, Mass, Va, Vt, etc.) tend to stay near I-95 on the east coast while mid-westerners tend to follow I-75 down to the west coast.

    1. Hi pat - As always your comments are appreciated. (You were in Jupiter!)!