Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Denim On My Mind

I am a huge fan of denim.  It is so versatile and goes with just about everything. The above a-line denim skit is so cute. It is available everywhere in many lengths and styles. Just in case you do not already have one check it out at Talbots.  This spring's iteration is called a "Frayed-Hem Denim Skirt-Vista Wash Skirt".  A little different than above, but works.  

The above skirt happens to be Lauren as isthe flag boat neck sweater and stripe long sleeve  t-shirt. The sweater is likely 5+ years old and has served me well. I have worn it many times to colder climates and it is great for airline trips. The boat-neck provides just a slight feminine flare on both the sweater and t-shirt. I like the look.  

The Michael Kors Vivian Woven Medium Messenger in white is from several years ago however it is so popular I have seen it recently still available on-line.  Practical and just the right size for for a quick run to the mall or grocery store.  I love the twin-tassels.  

The shoes are Superga Novelty Stripe Sneakers. These are sold out from Talbots where i got mine, but with a little searching you may be able to find then online.  They are very popular in the UK. Another sneaker that lists men's sizing. I wore these all day recently and on a three hour drive, to and from Cape Coral. They look great and feel great.     

What do you think - something you would wear on an escape?

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