Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mercedes Club Meetup

Saturday was my monthly Mercedes Club meeting.  This month we met at my local Mercedes Dealer's showroom. The dealer prepared a snack lunch for us and gave us the grand tour. The building is large enough to have two showrooms; one on the first floor and another on the second floor. The owner had arranged especially for us, many cars on the private second floor that represented a good portion of the line. We could take our time and browse with no salesperson pressure.    

The car I am standing by is the Mercedes' crème de la crème. So much so it has a separate name badge within Mercedes; Maybach (German pronunciation: "maɪ.bax"). The Maybach is the top tier, however, Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet takes it one level further. It is priced at almost $170,000 more than its sedan cousin and sports a badge proclaiming it to be "1 of 300".  Only 300 will be built with 75 of those being sent to the US. Be assured, that while being driven home from the polo match, it is unlikely you will see another Maybach Cabriolet while going through the McDonald's drive through. 

Only one option on the sticker - $1,700 for a navy blue soft top (it is beautiful) and matched my top perfectly. If you must ask, the sticker $337,625.  I am sure the odd $625 can be negotiated. 

It comes with matching white Maybach logo embellish pillows and a complete set of matching luggage. The valet to pack for you is optional. 

If this is a car you must have, I will be happy to introduce you to the dealership manager and I want the first ride.  Top-down!

Saturday's outfit was one that needed to go for morning to late afternoon. It was built around the flowery Florida style skirt from Talbots a few years back. The light sweater top is a Lilly Pulitzer. The day was a little cool but still, no jacket was required. I chose the heels to be dressy because I had an event to attend later that day and did not have time to go home to change. The Coach nude heels are comfortable to a degree and knew would be on my feet a good part of the afternoon working a concert event.   

I was a little dressed up for my dealership club tour but perfect for the afternoon concert event.

A whole day ESCAPE.


  1. Beautiful Car & Lady

  2. If Mercedes had to select only 75 dealers to allot the Maybach Cab they made a good pick in Palm Beach. The car will sell...likely near MSRP if not above.
    You look lovely in that outfit next to that car. A Talbot skirt with a Lily top and coach heels would rarely be considered overdressed in that neck of the woods.