Friday, March 30, 2018

Friend's Friday - Stephena’s Cruise

I have a surprise for your birthday.

I don’t want to do anything for my birthday.  I hate birthdays.

Well I’ve already paid for it, too bad.   I’m taking you on a cruise and you can dress however you like.

Seriously?  Are you sure?

Yes I’m sure…………..

So started the adventure.  I needed clothes.  We got in the car and went shopping together.  My wife picked out some appropriate outfits and asked if was going to try them on.  I felt uncomfortable taking women’s clothing into the men’s changing room and couldn’t go into the women’s changing room since I wasn’t dressed appropriately.  I carefully hid the outfits on the racks and returned the following day to try them on.  New dresses, new shoes, new bathing suit, day-wear, evening-wear, exercise clothing – you name it, I was all in.  

We arrived at the cruise port in Miami around lunch time.  I was dressed in gender neutral clothing as usual but presenting as a man, because of passport control.  We found the cabin and I immediately dressed the part.  All went well for a day and a half and I was as happy as……….(you fill in the blank).  We were heading into very stiff winds of up to 30 knots.  I was on the top deck walking around the track and low and behold a strong gust of wind took the hat and the wig and sent them flying…………oops.  Some very kind gentleman picked up the hat, I retrieved the wig and I tried to get everything back in place before too many people noticed………very embarrassing.   

Two days later we went ashore to climb a volcano.  I was dressed in gender neutral clothing but was again presenting as a man, since I was off the ship and did not want any awkward questions.  We climbed and climbed and talked to a number of fellow passengers.  That evening, while we were watching the band play and people dancing, one of our fellow mountaineers was standing near us and recognized my wife.  He then looked at me.  He appeared somewhat puzzled by what he saw – me wearing a long black dress, wig and makeup.  Eventually he and his wife walked away not sure what they had just encountered.  Oh well, only those who can relate, can truly understand.

After that there were no further mishaps, but a lot of happy memories.  I would like to thank my wife for the wonderful gift.  Let’s do it again someday.


Thank you so much Stephena for sharing. If you have any photos please share and I will post.   


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  1. Rhonda -

    Stephena may feel more relaxed cruising en-femme on her next cruise if she reads my experiences of cruising en-femme....

    Embarkation day - 4 cruises.... One could read the whole story from there.

    2013: https://crossingts.blogspot.com/2013/09/crusing-day-1-embarkation.html
    2015: https://crossingts.blogspot.com/2015/12/im-off-on-my-cruise.html
    2017: https://crossingts.blogspot.com/2017/07/cruise-day-1-embarkation.html
    2018: https://crossingts.blogspot.com/2018/03/winter-cruise-day-1-embarkation.html

    All 4 cruises were done en-femme, and I showed my masculine id when getting on and off the ship. However, I made sure NOT to get off the boat at any place where LGBT folk might be unwelcome. If it were possible, I'd find a way to embark/disembark the ship in an androgynous facial presentation, so that I could be en-femme or en-homme as I pleased. If this were possible for Stephena, that would be perfect for most cruises.