Friday, November 9, 2018

The Visiting Tourist - Cleveland

At The Crawford Auto Aviation Museum 
On my last day in Cleveland a few week back, I gave myself some extra time to walk and see some of the other sights/museums that were close. My boutique inn has a wonderful Sunday buffet breakfast. The birthday gal from the previous evening, several other Florida girlfriends and myself partook and sat together. We talked about an hour, remembering the party and weekend. That one meal almost took me the rest of the day.

I packed, choose an outfit to travel home, and had time for a long walk.  I had seen a small museum on my way back from the Art Museum the previous day so mapped it. It was about two blocks away; The Crawford Auto Aviation Museum of the Western Reserve Historical Society.

This was going to be a good walking test for my Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats. I had worn then to the mall and out before, but not for quite as long a walk. Plus I knew I would be walking in the Museum for at least an hour. I can tell you that they were comfortable, looked great with my jeans and were overall  wonderful.  I actually spent about two hours looking at some unique cars, airplanes and a room full of Cleveland history memorabilia.     

The Tory ballet flats are the same that Brian got me hooked on wearing. They are so comfortable and feminine.  I I Highly recommend these and thank you Brian. it is time you to share another adventure with us.         

After walking back to my inn and picking up my bag it was time to head out. Kandi electronically introduced me to her friend Sherry the day before and she volunteered to do the airport run. We had time to talk as we drove to the airport. Thank you, Sherry. Next time I hope we have time to talk and enjoy at least a coffee.  Please give us a story on your eyeglass shopping that you did after dropping me off.  Sorry I did not have time to go with you.  

Again, the TSA checkpoint and flight home were uneventful. The look above was my travel home outfit and I believe I blended well. With lots of time between flights in Atlanta, I grabbed a salad and got home a little after midnight.  

This Sunday was a lovely cap to a great weekend ESCAPE.



  1. We will be down in Florida for part of January. On a prior trip we stayed on Hutchinson Island. If you have any interest in vintage cars or interesting inventions I recommend the Elliot Museum in Stuart at the southern tip of Hutchinson Island

    1. HI Pat. I would love to do that with you. There is so much to see. My Mercedes Club is meeting there next Saturday. Watch for photos. I love the "Car Jute Box" that delivers cars for you too take a close look. Let's do it when you are here. Sewall's Point has some great lunch/dinner places.

  2. I would love to get together but I will be with my wife and I doubt she would be game but I do have some time to try to grease the wheels
    Have fun at the museum. I like the juke box feature not just for viewing the cars but for the engineering excellence that the feature itself represents