Monday, November 5, 2018

Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It.

This is likely one of the most important elections ever facing our country. Certainly the most important for our transgender community. It will restore balance to the three governmental branches; what the constitution writers envisioned.      

Any president that can lie so blatantly about supporting the transgender/(LGBTQ) community then go out of his way to do harm, is despicable. How any member of our community could still support Trump is beyond my understanding. Also, he actually believes he can circumvent the constitution by executive order - That is dangerous thinking. What will be next - The First Amendment because the news media is "the enemy of the people"?     

If you think that the only issue that matters is the economy, that is pure selfishness. Fact check: The economy grew more under Obama than Trump - 4.1% vs 5.2%. If you are part of the top 1% that got 83% of the tax cut gains, enjoy your new yacht and massive corporate tax cut. Just know that the middle class and likely your children, will paying for your greed for generations. Further, does the world's respect mean nothing to you?   

Historically I have voted Republican more often than Democrat, although I have always voted issues and not party. Currently, I am a registered Independent.  

However, Trump is not on the ballot so he is not the candidate we are voting in or out. I firmly believe that the Mueller investigation will solve the 2020 election before we get there. This election is about restoring constitutional balance and integrity.   

This election may require many to make difficult decisions. You may have incumbents who are Republican that you like. The Republican party has been hijacked by Trump and if you favorite Republican is not speaking out, then he/she is guilty of supporting the Trump administration. Similar to the person driving the car for a bank robbery; an accessory after the fact and guilty.    

I found this Facebook re-post and it sums up my feelings.  I hope yours as well:            

I have NEVER voted straight party ticket since I started voting too many years ago, I always voted for the person, never the party! Sadly the person who occupies the desk in the Oval Office has made this election all about him (as he does with everything, nothing is as important as he is, at least in his little mind) so I have to repudiate every Republican on the ballot this election. It's something that pains me, but until the Republican party admits that there is a dangerously demented individual who believes he is a demigod in the Oval Office and does something about it, I will continue to vote against them every opportunity that arises.


  1. In the spirit of your article today, Rhonda, I thought I would share this essay from Max Boot. Mr. Boot is a former Republican who advised Mitt Romney and John McCain during their presidential campaigns...

    Vote against all Republicans. Every single one.


    1. Thanks Janet. A great Washington Post link. Well worth reading.

  2. I wanted to let people know who are voting Tuesday, who may be voting in red states run by Republicans who are doing some form of voter suppression (ie purging voter rolls, voter ID, exact match, etc) that there is help.

    Call (866) OUR-VOTE or visit

    to make sure that your vote counts.

  3. There was one more thing I wanted to say about this election, and also for the elections in the future.

    And in what I write, I'm not casting blame or aspersions on anyone for past votes or political affiliations since people walk different paths in life.

    But, for the life of me, I cannot understand why a transgender person would vote Republican. Not just how could they vote for Donald Trump but Republicans in general.

    (Now, for full disclosure, where I used to live in New England a quarter century ago, I did vote for a couple of highly progressive Republicans. But never for federal office.)

    We transgender women and men are in a very unique position. We are asking our fellow Americans to support our rights. What are we doing for other vulnerable groups and *their* rights?

    I heard from a transgender person recently who said, essentially, "I wish Trump would protect transgender people, but other than that, he's done a lot of good."

    That exposes a huge blind spot. How can we ask for transgender rights while turning a blind eye to what Republicans have been doing to women in general? People of color? Immigrants? Children in cages? Religious minorities? Jews being slaughtered where they pray?

    That would seem deeply hypocritical.

    And it would be to ignore history to say that Republican racism began with Trump. He has been only the one to use it most overtly.

    In truth, it goes back generations..
    at least to Richard Nixon.

    Ronald Reagan really stoked racism when, in 1980, he chose to kick off his campaign in Neshoba County, Miss.

    Neshoba County had been the site in 1964 for Freedom Summer white supremacists killed three civil rights activists. When Reagan visited in 1980 in front of nearly white audience, Reagan didn't mention those killings at all, basically giving the community there a pass for what occurred there.

    Of course, let's not forget George H.W. Bush's "Willie Horton" ad and Jesse Helms' "white hands" ad, in which white hands crumble up a job rejection letter because an African American person had gotten that job instead.

    Those are just a few examples of Republicans stoking racial Animus.

    I prefer to work toward a society of dignity and respectful inclusion for all, whether transgender, disabled, immigrant, or other status.

    Just something to think about as we vote tomorrow.