Friday, November 16, 2018

Friend's Friday - My Wine-R-We Meetup

My Meetup "Wine-R-We" group had a wonderful dinner at a local French  Restaurant. It was located just a few minutes  from home. We had about 16 in attendance sitting at three tables. We ordered from a special menu and had lots of wine.  Many, including myself brought a bottle of our favorite and we all shared. A completely mixed group and a super fun evening.  

A great way to try new/different places, different wines and make new friends.  Check out Meetup groups in your area. ESCAPE this weekend.


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I was just wondering about your hair. It looks so good, and seems much longer in these photos. What does your family think about your hair length these days, and how do you handle it in male mode?

    1. HI,
      Yes at time it is a bit problematic. Like being Ma'am almost all the time now. Most of the Family just accepts and others say tell me I need a hair cut. There have been unexpected repercussions. I will write more later...

    2. Looking forward to more. thanks! I get the "you need a haircut" all the time, and mine is nowhere near as long as yours . . .