Friday, October 26, 2018

Friend's Friday - Wine Event

New Friends at a Saturday Evening Wine Tasting 
South Florida has five Doris' Italian Markets. There I found a unique throwback to when markets provided isles of specialty items plus Italians have always known how to prepare food. Doris' Markets are not exactly a corner market but neither are they an over-the-top supermarket. Their specialty - wine.   

I found this wine tasting event on Meetup and signed up at the last minute. I joined the group, out-of-the-blue, not knowing anyone else. It seemed a good opportunity to meet new people and escape what otherwise would be a  boring Saturday evening. There were already 33 registered and I was so happy to find space left. Silly me - Our group only made up a small portion of the likely 200+ in attendance. 

The market, the wine/food and all in attendance did not disappoint. While snacking I made several new friends and had interesting conversations.    

The event was not all about buying wine as many tastings push. It was an introduction to the many varieties of prepared food that Doris' provides and wine tasting at 10 stations/vendors. Available was a sampling of up to 100 different wines  That evening all of the vendors were offering reduced prices on their wine bottles/cases, if you found anything you liked.   

I love the group, was welcomed and look forward to many of their other events. I see from their Meetup site that they host dinners, trips, wine lectures, tastings and other events. My first time with this group was a fun evening/Escape. 



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