Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Fashion Mess - '18 Fall Ankle Boots

Women's Ankle Boots That Go With Everything - NOT

I love fashion.  Many times I laud what I call the feminine differential that allows female designated appeal a greater degree of flaire and imagination than male designated choices.  Even the androgynous or “Tom-Boy” fashions can look feminine when one is motivated. I wrote recently about this fall’s men’s inspired feminine look. There are some fabrics and color combinations that can actually enhance the feminine aspect of an outfit, even though the combination is typically associated with men’s wear. 

50's Ward's Summer
Men's Fashions
There have been times in the past where trendy fashion designers have totally raided the opposite's closet. These trends wax and wane with some I have liked.  E.g. the 80's female power suit. Also, there have been trends that worked both ways. Vintage catalogs from the '50 show men wearing boat-neck shirts (tops) and cropped pants. Why not?        
Today I am writing about a fall fashion item I personally see as non-feminine, non-flattering and ugly; on any gender. I hope this will soon be relegated to a seasonal mistake. When a trend is cute, functional, and enhances, I will be the first to comment.This item accomplishes none of these. In fact, I remember my grandfather having this exact shoe (top left) in the early 1960’s.  Yes, Grandfather.  

Here is what Brittany Nims said in Life-HuffPost said about the combinations shown above.   

Whether you’re into wide-legged trousers and pleated midi skirts, or skinny jeans and dresses, these ankle boots will pair with virtually everything in your closet.

I so disagree. The above link does provides purchasing information if you have the need.  Please do not. What is your opinion? Am I wrong? 

ALERT: Anyone out there looking for boots to go with their Halloween Elvis impersonator white jump suit; stock up on the snake print. Hubba hubba!


  1. I own a few pairs of ankle boots. Mine do not have the clunky heels, though, and one pair is a 4" stiletto. I wear them with pants, mostly, as they do tend to chop off the line of the leg when worn with a skirt or dress. I remedy that by wearing tights or hose of the same color. With pants, they have the illusion of knee-high boots, but without the extra bulk on the lower leg (I don't need any more bulk on my calves!)

    Booties work well when out in the Northwest weather. I can see that there is probably not that need in Florida.

  2. Some are clunky, some are attractive, some are just plain ugly - like most shoes I guess! The sleeker ones go well with jeans and leggings. The shape of the heel is the major deciding issue to my eye - sleek or blocky to your personal taste.

  3. I have to agree with you on the boots. My father had the same style of boots as your grandfather. (BTW, my father would be 106 y.o. if he were living.)
    The photo from the (Presumably, Montgomery Wards) catalog, really conveys an androgynous message. I wonder if that look sold anything at all, especially in a victorious, macho, post war America. The entire layout almost seems to be some sort of challenge to the companies management as to if they could spot such a deliberate fashion faux-pas. Apparently, they failed. And so did 'Monkey-Wards'.
    The problem with the designers of clothing fashion, is that they are continuously 'under the gun' to produce items for each season which will separate consumers from their money. No pressure there!
    Several magazine articles mention the WORLD-WIDE GLUT of used, and un-saleable clothing, so much so such clothing is becoming a pollution problem. Several high end ladies fashion houses opt to burn excess production rather than 'sully the brand' by selling excess to discounters. Such actions are a 'tell' as to how inexpensive and ultimately profitable it is to produce high end garments. Velma