Thursday, September 13, 2018

Role Reversal - Karen Kane

This is from the Karen Kane Fall, 2018 catalog.  You cannot fully appreciate the irony until you see the dress on page four of the in-print catalog.  I scanned only the top part to highlight the written part.  The "Euro Knit" dress can be seen here.  "Role Reversal?"  I don't think so.   

The fall season always seem to feature a "Menswear" look. Other than the pattern of the fabric I am not seeing the "menswear" or the "role reversal" taking place here. Unless dresses are becoming menswear; be still my heart. 

Maybe the premise is that women are moving into the more powerful arena with men's inspired fabric/items. So to wear something feminine, what doses that do?   (less powerful - weak) I am not sure I like the analogy.  

One positive take-a-way in the catalog and online store is larger size models and a stylish collection of "Plus" sizes. Also of note on the model above; 6 feet tall. 



  1. I've always loved the textures in pattern and fabric for the fall season. I've never considered those to be considered a menswear look at all. Since I was a child, I have watched old movies on the TV, mostly from the 40's, and probably paid more attention to what the women are wearing than the plot of the movie. Tailored suits were all the rage back then, and there was no confusing the women from the men as a result (forget that the women wore skirts, and the men pants - even Katherine Hepburn was feminine in her suits with pants). I only wish hats would come back in style!

    1. I agree about the hats. One of the most interesting things about watching the royal wedding of Harry and Megan was looking at all the wonderful hats.