Friday, September 14, 2018

Friend's Friday - Southern Comfort '18 (Saturday)

The photos above are from my second day (Saturday) at the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference (SCTC); SCC as it was formally known. Had it continued, this would have been the 27th year. I have written about its relevance and continuing demise in previous post so will leave that as written. I understand that there were many discussions and meetings debating its survival and that continued at my Saturday evening table. Time will tell as to what will happen with next year's conference and SCTC's possible re-invention and/or survival.   

Gina Gunn

My Saturday involved hosting the morning breakfast sponsored by Dr. Mardirossian. Next, I introduced Dr. Mardirossian for his morning FFS presentation. After lunch I had a presentation on blogging, which was somewhat supported, not by a large group, but by a group that was interested in the subject. A great discussion. Thank you all for attending. 

Also the Saturday morning guest speaker was Gina Gunn, Official Cast Member of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6. 

Saturday evening, I stayed for the dinner which was well attended. 

Two take-aways: It appeared that a good number registered and did not come. This is sad if they took advantage of the limited number of free registration and then did not come. Others could have availed themselves to this generous gift.    

Second, the city of Fort Laudrdale is making efforts to be an inclusive city. It is  openly advertising to the LGBT+ community, "Hello Sunny - Come and Visit". Their support and sponsorship for SCTC is much appreciated. However, please know that the "T" part of "LGBT" is not necessarily "drag queens". 


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