Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Melania Trump Wore Louboutin Heels To Plant A Tree

Melania Trump helps plant an Eisenhower-era oak on the south grounds of the White House.
 Win McNamee/Getty Images 

For once I will leave the political statement and comparison to other first ladies' gardening attire to others. I will even forgo the fashion critique, although I love the skirt and top. My question, how she was able to walk comfortably on the lawn's soil in those heels?  

More than once I have felt my heels sinking as I started to lean backward, trying to discover a graceful way to recover.  See my post "Feminine Differential - Turf Refugee".  How she accomplished this feat (pun intended) in Louboutin heels is nothing short of a marvel.

Maybe she wore these?  Grasswalkers - Flexible transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your favorite stilettos or thicker heels to keep them from sinking into the grass!  I have not tried these - Have you?  



  1. I attended a garden wedding last Spring, and I wore wedge sandals in anticipation of having to walk on soft turf. The bride, unfortunately, wore 4" stiletto heels (she needed the height to keep her beautiful gown off the ground). Not only was the turf soft upon her entrance, a Spring shower came in the middle of the ceremony. Although the ceremony took place inside a tent, her shoes and her dress were both muddy by the time she got to the reception. Yes, she should have worn those Grasswalkers.

  2. I love her outfit. She always looks good.
    I surmise that her years as a runway model allow her to be on her toes rather than letting her heels sink in

  3. Re: Melanias 'walk on dirt' trick: Dont put it past her staff to arrange a wood substrate under a thin layer of dirt.... Remember, "An OUNCE of image is worth a POUND of performance". quote from Dr. Lawrence J Peter

  4. Well, her husband believes he can walk on water!:-)

  5. Melanias' gardening turned into MEMEs

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