Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Not Your Father's Barbie

I loved playing with dolls as a child.  My dolls predated Barbie and as I look at the dolls above I could have only dreamed of having such a collection. Makes me want to go back to play with the dolls. Anyone else play with dolls? 

I found these in a Flickr Photo Stream and there are more - Enjoy! 


  1. Interesting article today, Rhonda. Even though I had transgender feelings as a child, I never played with dolls. For me, it would manifest that at family gatherings. If the men split off into the den to talk amongst themselves and watch football while the women remained in the dining room to chat, I would linger with the women.

    As a teenager during the '80s, I was luckier than some other transgender kids at the time in the sense that because I had access to the Internet at the time before most kids. So I would sneak into what at the time were called the transvestite and transsexual chat rooms ("transgender") wasn't a word back then. Being in those rooms at least helped me figure out who I was even if because of limits of society, etc., it would take many more years for me to do something about it.

  2. I love my dolls. I have over 100, barbies, Lammilys, Tyler Wentowrth and friends, and specialty dolls. For awhile when I was not dressing they helped express my feminine side, well they still do . . .