Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday - Two Classics


  1. Gosh, that could be a pic of my mother when I was a child! By the time I started wearing her clothes (1963), I could have found this outfit in the back of her closet and in give-away bags in the garage. Actually, I did find them...and even commandeered some of them! I still love the old pedal-pusher look (capris today), and I have a pair of vintage spectator pumps I wear occasionally. I learned so much about style and how to be a lady from my mother, although she never purposely taught me those things.

  2. I could have been convinced that was an actual picture of my mother, so close is the resemblance. I remember a scarf almost exactly like that in her collection. Only thing is, nobody in my family could ever have afforded the Hasselblad. :-)

  3. There's three classics in that picture, if you include the camera. :)