Monday, October 8, 2018

Feminine Differential – Aspiring

Being female does not automatically equate to being feminine - As we all know it takes effort. 

Many of us have a skewed view of what being feminine entails. Unless a woman is going out for the evening she seldom wears over the top runway clothing. Go to the mall or market and observe how the customers are dressed. In my area almost year round the uniform of the day is shorts/jeans t-shirt and flip-flops. I am not embracing this look other than to say "difference draws attention". We live in a casual society – get over it. 

Even with the goal of blending, there are subtle things you can do to assert your feminine nature. I have noticed that women have a secret code of approval. When they pass/encounter someone well put together or appropriately dressed for the situation, they smile. 

Here is a list of suggestions to enhance your feminine style that work for me:  

  • Learn how to use skin care products. That will make a noticeable and an almost immediate difference in your complexion. There are over the counter products that can visibly help with wrinkle especially around the eyes. No7 products come to mind. Wear sunscreen or a light makeup with sunscreen. I use Philosophy brand “Supernatural” (an oil-free, tinted foundation primer that multi-tasks as a skin perfector and SPF…). Proper foundation placement can provide contouring and make you look younger and feminine. Just before bed, wash and use products that nourish the skin. Your face will thank you.

  • Thin by plucking or have your eyebrows threaded every two weeks into a feminine arch. It is said that well taken care of eyebrows make you more trustworthy. 

  • Get your nails manicured every week and use a clear or nude nail color all the time. 

  • Wear women’s  or androgynous clothing every day - and everywhere. The only jeans I have are women’s designer style.  I love the way they fit and are comfortable. Sure I have a full wardrobe of other women’s clothing, including dresses and skirts, however the reality is, I wear jeans, shorts and a t-shirt about 75% of the time. Invest there.
  • I use women’s personal care products: deodorant, shampoo, etc. I love the fresh fragrances and even when in the shower this is a nice reminder.

  • Wear the correct clothes for your body shape and size - ones that are pretty and modest. One size does not fit all. This will make you feel classy and feminine. Whatever you wear, make it look like you have put some time and effort into choosing and putting your look together.  Do your homework.  

  • Accessorize – nothing big that arrives before you do. Small studs or loop earrings if your ears are pierced. A feminine watch, bracelet and a ring. A loop scarf works in winter and keeps you warm. 

  • Wear shoes that are appropriate - Your feet will thank you at the end of the day. High heels are fun but have you ever worn then to a wedding or cocktail reception and stood for 4 hours?  Enough said! There are many shoes that add a slight feminine look with out being over the top.  Especially with jeans these Sketchers have a nice casual look;  Plus comfortable.

  • Be graceful. In most societies, women are thought to be more naturally graceful than men. There are always exceptions, of course, and it is totally up to you whether you choose gracefulness to express your femininity. Generally women appear more feminine when they make smooth movements rather than jerky, powerful ones. And, of course, consider the context.  Never exaggerate.  

Let there be smiles of approval.

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  1. This is all excellent advice, Rhonda. Thank you. Would you consider writing for advice in another aspect of blending (one I know can be difficult) and that is voice. How do you make it work?

    Thanks again!