Friday, May 31, 2019

Friend's Friday - Women Helping Women '19

Rhonda - Capital Strategies Women’s Forum Florida

I attended a local Women's Forum networking evening back in June, 2018 and again last week. What a pleasure to be included in such a group of intelligent, active and engaged women. As I stated after attending the first group meeting: 

I am amazed as to how women cooperate.  They truly are willing to share how they got ahead and willingly encourage others to do the same. What a concept and a pleasant evening. 

This was certainly evident this time as well. The subject -  "Rising Above: Overcoming Life-Changing Obstacles."

  The presenters brought to life  - Adopt a positive mindset.

Both this year's and last year's events were held at The Manatee Lagoon - Palm Beach County's educational attraction dedicated to viewing manatees up close and learning about the wonderful world of manatees. Enjoy some of the photos here and click on the link for more information/photos on The Capital Strategies Women’s Forum

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  1. Such a wonderful experience Rhonda to be invited and included in that group of professional and successful women. I hope you had a great time meeting with other women and made new friends there. It must be wonderful to be considered as a another woman in the reunion and to be mingled in that group of women. I would like some day to have an experience like this.