Thursday, May 2, 2019

Feminine Differential - The Ultimate Dress

In my post "Feminine Differential - The Ultimate Occasion" I mentioned an escape I was planning:

Always being up for a challenge, on a previous trip I set up circumstances to visit a bridal shop. I was forthcoming in my reasoning/motivation/craziness and received a yes. An appointment during a non-busy time was open and the owner/fitting expert seemed open to me coming in. Maybe my chance to say "yes" or at least "maybe" to the dress. Definitely, the ultimate "All dressed up with no place to go..." scenario.

Without exception, I can unequivocally state that this was one of the most intoxicating feminine experiences ever! The absolute ultimate escape!  

I arrived early, just as the Burlington, Ontario beautiful bridal salon "Promises & Lace" was opening. The time I picked was a Monday morning, hoping that the shop's weekend madness would be passed. I hoped for a quiet time to have the owner's full attention. The time worked out well.

The shop was the most absolute feminine sanctuary one could ever imagine. It was like I had fallen into some white feminine cloud of elegant taffeta, chiffon, silk, sateen, and lace. Lynn, the owner, and I discussed options and she selected one of the most absolutely stunning dresses imaginable. I assume that this was one of her top tier dresses based on price, and it was beautiful; beyond any dream. She selected the correct size (years of experience), and we discussed appropriate foundation garments which I had worn that morning. I was then sent to a fitting room to be taken away by a magic spell.

It took a few minutes to get the silk column underdress in place. It was beige with a light gold cast, low cut in the front and very low cut in the back with very thin spaghetti straps to hold it in place. It fell to the floor in front with a very short train in the back. Next came the lace overdress. Lace straps over the shoulder, going down to an almost completely open back. It was tight through the bodice and did not start to flair until it reached mid-thigh. There the magic began; opening up to a full lace embroidery train, making nearly a full circle - short in front and long in back. 

Late addition: The dress is from the Italian designer, "Eddy K" Dreamers 2018 collection, titled - Filipa. 

Movement was restricted as it should be and delicate steps were the only option. The train had to be positioned and considered with each turn. Lynn found a mesh veil and attached it into my hair. I had it fall just off the shoulder and it was like a crown had been put in place. The netting of the veil extended nearly to the floor.

Lynn and I now revisited foundation garments and she suggested that the corset was not needed. I was hesitant. After returning to the changing room and taking off the whole dress (under and outer), removing the corset and then getting everything back in place, the time and results were worth it. She was correct, and all of the back buttons could now be closed. I put on my heels, walked to the back of the store and stood on a riser with mirrors on three sides. At this point, coming very close to tearing over, I studied the person looking back at me.

Who is she?  

For a few magnificent, magic moments I was transported to the kingdom where dreams can come true. Lynn, my fairy god mother for that morning waved her magic wand and transformed me into someone so beautiful that even after blinking away the tears, I still did not recognize her. A wedding dress is the most intimate, body defining, ultimate feminine, and personal item I could have ever dreamed of wearing.  

Thank you so much "Promises & Lace" and Lynn.

"I always imagine myself as a bride wearing a gown, with a long train and veil."


There are additional photos and remembrances from the day.  Let me know if there is any interest in more information.   






  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Rhonda, I’m breathless. You look beautiful, happy, and most of all, extremely feminine. Just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    The other Rhonda.

  3. Of course you should share more! You look fabulous! I've done this myself numerous times and it is unspeakable the feeling associated with the whole process.

  4. I am so jealous, you look beautiful, Claire

  5. Well done! BRAVISSIMO!! Molta Bella! Molta Bella! I know you had a most wonderful experience! BTW, did you purchase? One day soon, you know you will want to 'revisit that moment', and the garment wont be hanging in your closet.
    As I have mentioned before, I own two thrift store gowns, which fit and were inside my budget restraints, and just every once in a while I just must visit them....
    I thought about having at least one dress shortened to below knee length just for 'kicks'.
    Our TS-CD group is planning a BARBECUE(?); I would prefer a 'wedding reception style' garden party.... Light summery dresses, white shoes,matching hats along with appropriate food: canapes, tea sandwiches, sushi rolls, with white wine, mimosas, champagne, floral styled individual cakes..... White table cloths, floral arrangements..... If this does happen, I will have that dress shortened,,,

  6. Hi Velma,

    No I did not purchase and I am sure there will be one equally as beautiful given the need. I love your garden party event.

  7. Incredible look!!! That dress suits you perfectly. Perhaps one day I may indulge myself in that most feminine experience as well. Till then I can fantasize. Thanks for sharing your adventure.