Thursday, January 2, 2020

Being a Rebel and Escaping Boundaries

David Bowie - Gender Rebel 

I have never though of myself as a rebel; although I have been know to have strong opinions and speak my mind. Does that make me a rebel, or by my being transgender, does that also make me a "Gender Rebel"?  According to the dictionary rebel means "opposition to one in authority or dominance".  

It's Possibly that my rejection of "male privilege" puts me at odds with the status quo. Last week I was gleefully amazed to see men featured on the banner display at my local makeup wall. Further investigation turned up the fact that good old-fashion capitalism is at play.

Lisa Wade, Sociology professor at Occidental College and the author of the textbook Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions told Vox, “Companies that sell makeup could make twice as much money if they could sell to men." Somehow capitalism, in this competition, beats gender ideology.

Also according to the site Rebel Circus:  

"There’s a revolution happening in masculinity right now. Nowadays more and more men are embracing their feminine side in a really beautiful way. More guys are learning to take care of their skin and are turning to the beauty industry to help them out. The best part is the beauty industry is embracing this change.Boundaries. She explained to the site, “Gender is all about maintaining the idea that men and women are different. Anything that we do that undermines distinction is a real threat to male superiority.” Of course, “There have always been men who poked and prodded at these boundaries,” like many past rock stars.

What Escapes have taught me, that it is all about being my authentic self and feeling comfortable with who I am. So by the fact that we are pushing boundaries, we too are gender rebels. I am proud to be part of a movement that is shifting boundaries. Escape with pride.  

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