Monday, January 13, 2020

Feminine Differential - Wearing A Blazer

I had a job interview several weeks ago and the position called for an executive look.  Sure a dress would work or black pants and a light knit top. However. I wanted to more "up style" look while keeping in mind the Florida casual attitude. I remembered from my last job in Stuart, that my co-worker always either wore a dress/skirt and heels. What made her standout was the stylish jacket she wore in every morning. Before going to a meeting or going on a donor call, on went the Jacket.  She looked "all together".

The few blazer/jackets I had saved from my professional years were vintage "man-look", shoulder pad, power-suits designs from the '80.  So, shopping I did go. (Heigh-ho). 

I really did not want to spend a lot of money on something that would be used for an interview or maybe just a few business meetings. Fortunately Macy's had just what I wanted and on pre-Christmas sale. Bar III Faux-Double-Breasted Windowpane-Print Jacket;  $47.00 that weekend. 

Macy's Bar III Jacket
For the interview, I wore it with a black dress and the Windowpane-Print had brown stripe so matching brown Cap-Toe pumps worked perfectly. Of note is that it had a completely feminine cut. The open front has a mock double breasted look that does not close and the sides are tucked in just enough to give shape.     

I had also been eyeing the Lauren Ralph Lauren Lightweight Pinstripe Blazer since it came out last fall. The price had started at $295 and was unjustifiable for an item that was not an every-day piece. Both Macy's and The Lauren site had marked it down several times, but even half off just did not work for me.  Macy's this week had it in the "Last Act" section for $47.00 so I did get it; thus the above fashion layout. I think with rolled up sleeves and jeans it will get Florida winter wear.

Here is a good description from Fashion Tasty on how women's blazers have come back:

A blazer is a very special layering piece that will make you look put together. It will underline your classy style and make you stand out from the crowd. In today’s blog post we are going to see the best women’s casual blazer outfit ideas. In this street style compilation are gathered tasteful combos that can be easily recreated in nearest future. There are thousands of awesome ideas to try out, all you need is to experiment and never be afraid of sporting something new that will make you feel comfort.


  1. Rhonda, you certainly know how to drive a bargain! Great move on the blazer.
    Given the steep markdown on the blazer, shows just how the steep the markup is on imported textiles.....
    BTW, the pinstripe blazer, (matched with the other items in the photo) really rocks!

  2. That blazer does look very nice Rhonda. I'd be inclined to buy it myself except that I'm retired and have little need for such a look! Did you get the position?