Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Feminine Differential - The Ideal Heel Height

My worst kept secret is that I love high heels. From the first time I put on my mother's beautiful heels to last Saturday's Palm Beach event, I never tire of how I feel and how I look in shoes of stature. Although the official shoe of Florida is the flip-flop, I sill see women every day in business situations, evenings out and at the mall, wearing heels. Many of my female friends, of my age, have given up on high heels.  Although I am not there yet; maybe sooner than later.        

As I surveyed my collection I noticed that there is a consistency in the height. There are several ways to measure heel height, however for me, the simplest is with the shoes sitting on my desk, I use a ruler to measure the distance from the bottom heel point to where the back of the heel meets the shoe. Most of my shoes are 3 to 3.5 inches; (75 to 85 mm). That seems to be my comfort height and I can navigate most any situation for extended periods without repercussions. One must always plan and know that there may not be seating at cocktail receptions or events. Several times because of poor planning my feet have paid the price for beauty-over-practically. 

Sure, I do have several of the 100 mm beauties that my friend describes as "limo heels"; wear when you are dropped at the door, make the entrance and head to your seat shoes.  As the Urban Dictionary further describes them:

Shoes that are typically high heels, exorbitantly expensive, and from couture designer brands that necessitate the wearer to be driven around town less they get them dirty or have to walk very far. 

I never gave much thought to there being am ideal heel height. The DailyMail site wrote;  "Ever wondered why a modest pair of kitten heels leaves some women in agony while others are happy to stride around in their ‘comfortable’ high heels for hours on end? According to the experts, some women are simply built for wearing sky-high heels, while others will be uncomfortable in any size heel."

So here is an illustration from The AlternationNeeded site that helps to find what might be your ideal heel height: The site also has more detail instructions so be sure to check. 

Spoiler alert - My ideal height is 3.5".  

Now You:

As AlterationsRequired ask: I’m super curious to hear if this test works for you! Let me know in the comments if you take the test and if your measured “ideal” heel height really is one that is most comfortable for you. 



  1. While I can still navigate my way in even 5" heels, I am not flexible enough to be able to reach down to do the measuring, as described above (too large a feat to measure my too-large feet:-)

  2. Connie thank you - I needed that laugh today! "(too large a feat to measure my too-large feet:-"

  3. Oftentimes, humor, as well as beauty, are rooted in pain and truth.

    If I could actually make that measurement, I'm sure that it would not reveal the actual height of heel that is most comfortable for me. I refer to my feet as "Fred Flintstone feet" because they are wide, and my toes are relatively short. As such, I think that they allow for me to wear higher heels with some comfort. In other words, I have a solid foundation. The arch of my feet rarely align with the curvature of the shoes, but I'm not really concerned with arch support in a 4" heel - which is the height I have found most comfortable for my feet. Nevertheless, I end up looking more like Betty Rubble than Fred Flintstone when I wear them (even when I don't, really).

  4. Not to mention, Fred has only THREE TOES per foot! Pointed shoes are no problem for him... ;-)

    1. I don't know, those three toes are still pretty big! BTW, I remember that Fred and Barney did cross dress on at least one occasion. I don't remember their shoes, if any, however.

  5. I spent half a day today wearing 3" open toed 'kitten heels' while walking about a large medical complex.
    My 'hat is off' to those intrepid women who have so well developed and strong ankles, feet, and lower legs as to walk all day and not trip and kill themselves in a fall.
    'Cause at the end of the day, after exiting my truck and walking across a gravel drive, where the heel simply buried itself between the gravels...
    "My DOGS were a' BARKIN'."