Monday, January 20, 2020

Shift Happens

Be Observant - A Skater Mini Skirt

I saw an adorable outfit at work last week.  A co-worker had on a short black flair skirt, black sweater top and black tights. The shoes were black booties. Much applause and she had planned the look to the T.
Second Sunday Event

What really pulled it all together was the skirt. Yes it was short, but with the tights (beautiful legs), and booties, everything on her worked. I had everything in my closet but the flair skirt. I Googled "short flair shirt" and to my amazement, Amazon had a High Waist A-line Circle Full Flared Skater Mini Skirt; $15.95. Not typically my first on-line shopping destination, but with Prime (free second day delivery) and free returns, what was there to lose.   

The outfit will be perfect for winter dinners when traveling out of Florida.  I have an all white flair coat that will be a beautiful contrast.    

For retail, the world in which we live is amazing. I ordered the skirt late Friday evening. It was delivered Sunday afternoon and I wore it Sunday evening to my "Second Sunday" event.  As much as I enjoy the "girl-time" shopping experience, there is a good reason why Amazon is shifting the world of consumer retail.  Sometimes shift happens. 

Inspiration can come for everywhere. Be observant - And Escape!



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