Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I Love A Success Story - Jackson Bird

Ted Talk 

Jackson Bird is a sought-after speaker with extensive experience presenting at schools, conferences, and other events. He has spoken at San Diego Comic-Con, YouTube, TED Women, VidCon, MIT, Yale, Oxfam, and more. His TED Talk, "How to talk (and listen) to trans people," has been viewed over one million times and his YouTube videos on related topics garner over 100,000 views a month.

Jackson's Book

Jackson is available for keynotes, panels, and workshops on the following topics:

  •     Transgender rights and experiences
  •     LGBTQ+ issues
  •     Gender & sexuality
  •     Digital, youth, & fan activism
  •     Digital storytelling
  •     Online video
  •     Social media
  •     Podcasting

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