Monday, August 31, 2020

My Summer of Despair

The title sounds like it came right out of pulp fiction.  I have kept my circle small with either one-on-one or family outings. Yes, there have been rare times when I have thrown caution to the wind and had lunches or meetings with friends.  Oh, how is miss my friends. The Mercedes Club is on hold. Both of my business guilds are "Zoom" only. My board memberships are only e-mail and computer meetings.  What is a social girl to do?

So why shop, you ask?  I am a planner and know that the isolation will end someday. Not a minute too soon. Last week, Macy's had a beautiful casual dress that I fell in love with. A triple sale brought this designer "CeCe Off-The-Shoulder Balloon-Sleeve Belted Dress" into a reasonable range.  I love the off-the-shoulder look and this is both dressy and casual for a Florida day-to-evening outing.  Maybe even a cruise again someday.  

The only other item to mention is the "INC Luci Drawstring Crossbody, Created For Macy's".  I am such a sucker for drawstring purses and this one is especially cute with it's vintage macrame look.  Remember macrame?

I will keep you posted on fit and quality but I have purchased CeCe before and have not been disappointed.  

Lets all do our part to isolate the best we can, socially distance and wear a mask - Because you respect the health of others.  

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