Friday, August 28, 2020

Red Wine Day

Deep Breath! To celebrate the end of the RNC Convention, I give you Red Wine Day.  Yes, it is a real day designation. It does not take a lot of research to find that every day is designated as something special. 

The "Spruce Eats" site provides "A Guide to the Different Types of Red Wine" and is a fun read. Red wines (Merlot Blends) are my favorite and my preferred wine producer is Sunstone.

I visited Sunstone in Santa Ynez, CA (Santa Barbara County) a few years back (2014) and loved their tasting room. It was a beautiful experience and I joined their club that day.  Since then, I receive orders on a regular basis and have shared my selections with friends / family.   

Here is a description of my favorite "Eros":


A delightful mélange of red and black fruits on the nose includes fresh raspberries, stewed plums, strawberries, and blackberry turnovers. Soft and round with structured acidity, the toasted oak character on the palate integrates well with the polished tannins and notes of cherries, strawberries, nutmeg and oregano.

My Sunstone Winery visit 2014

A bit of trivia - The Movie "Sideways", from 2004 with Paul Giamatti, was shot in the Santa Ynez wine valley.  Here is a short synopsis:    

Struggling writer and wine enthusiast Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his engaged friend, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), on a trip to wine country for a last single-guy bonding experience. While Miles wants to relax and enjoy the wine, Jack is in search of a fling before his wedding. Soon Jack is sleeping with Stephanie (Sandra Oh), while her friend Maya (Virginia Madsen) connects with Miles. When Miles lets slip that Jack is getting married, both women are furious, sending the trip into disarray. Wikipedia

The weekend I visited was the 10th anniversary of the movie's release. There were a lot of visitors in town taking wine tours. The evening after my tours and well-needed nap, I had an elegant dinner in the nearby town of Solvang.  Fun... 


  1. Yes, we need a red wine after a week of the Red Whine! ;-)

  2. I am a big fan of RED WINE and RED MEAT, especially Rack of Lamb, grilled over mesquite infused charcoal, grilled stuffed mushrooms on the side.
    Unfortunately, my experience into 'better wines' has been a total disappointment. Often, the "label art' is the most enticing thing about the bottle. What is inside the bottle is usually WORSE than the discount bottle of 'Winking Owl' Cabernet Sauvignon at Aldi (produced Gallow Wineries-- upc number prefix 85000). Then I feel totally burned on the extra price. NOBODY wants to refund the money.
    Rhonda, you have the right idea, taste before you buy! If you dont like the wine, dont buy the wine.

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