Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I Love A success Story - Married To A Man Named Sissy

Vickie and Sissy Goodwin


[Summary] - Douglas, Wyoming, natives Vickie and Sissy Goodwin got married in 1968. It was around the time they started their lives together that Vickie learned of a secret Sissy had been harboring since childhood—a preference for feminine clothing and cross-dressing in private. When Sissy decided to start wearing skirts, dresses and frills in public a few years into their marriage, Vickie struggled to accept it. And the couple quickly learned that Sissy's self-acceptance came with an often violent public backlash, both at home in Douglas and elsewhere.

We visited Vickie and Sissy at their home, for a conversation about masculinity, resiliency and staying married for 50 years. 

Read the whole article/interview at: 50 Years Married To A Man Named Sissy

Sissy Goodwin: I'm a male in every sense of the word, except the way I dress. I don't try to pass as a woman so I don't do makeup or fix my hair or anything.

Anna Sale: What words do you use to describe your gender identity?  

Sissy Goodwin: I heard the term GEM. Uh, it’s an acronym for "gender enhanced male." And I like that term. The term transvestite has gotten some negative connotation, kind of a nasty negative stereotype. So I prefer gender enhanced male. I like uh to do typical male activities. I like to work with my hands, uh like to work outside. And so I'm, I think I'm typically male in every aspect except my mode of dress.



  1. I ran into Sissy in the 1980's while she was a control room operator at the Glenrock Power Plant outside of Douglas,WY. I was in the control room with a bunch of other people on a consulting assignment. Sissy was wearing jeans with a frilly women's western cut shirt and a cowboy leather belt with "SISSY" tooled into the leather of the belt in the back. She also had a pink barrete in her short men's styled haircut. I said to myself the she has bigger balls than the toughest cowboy in Wyoming.
    Angel Amore

  2. A true GEM !

    I hadn't heard that term ( which I love ! ) for years ! I believe it was coined ( or , at least , popularized ) by a gender pioneer who should be better known and remembered .

    Dr. Joseph Murphy was a well known and respected physician ( in Wyoming , like Sissy ! ) whowrote a newspaper column for his local paper in which he revealed to the world that he was a heterosexual crossdresser . As his femme persona , Marilyn Miracle , she was a frequent atendee at various TG gatherings back ( in the 90's, I believe ) , and frequently wrote of her experiences on her web site . If I recall correctly , her wife was supportive , her children less so .

    Sadly , Dr. Murphy/Marilyn passed away many years ago , and her writings seem to have been erased from the Web . Perhaps someone out there has them archived ?

    Marilyn also was a friend of one of the early Internet TG icons, Lori Larkin, also from Wyoming ( perhaps there was something in the Wyoming water ? :-) ) , who also seems to have dropped off the radar .