Thursday, February 16, 2023

Civilian Events


I have neglected posting on my civilian events.  There is no greater "Escape" than being yourself in this context. "Passing" is nebulous and can vary by the moment; yet acceptance is being comfortable, without pretense.  

A Holiday Party
I do my best to inform for the purpose of encouraging activism. Now is not the time to be complacent as to our plight. The progressive acceptance we have enjoyed is under attack. 

It is wonderful to see success stories and read about those working on our behalf, including other bloggers. Our best defense against ignorance and bigotry is visibility. The world needs to see transgender individuals as fathers, mothers, engineers, doctors, pilots, entrepreneurs, lawyers, retail associates....  We are not defined by the negativity spread by the power-hungry, bully politicians.  

Hiding and shrinking at this perilous time only validates their stereotype.       

I will do better as to posting "Civilian Events" that I am a part. Below are photos from my Car Club; a wine tasting / tribute performer (not bad) and our annual member "Car Showcase".  Three events in the last months. The car showcase / lunch was close enough to Valentine's day so that all of us ladies went home with a rose. Three recent civilian events.  More to come.   

Stay tuned...

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