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When To Tuck and Not Tuck

Your Shirt Plus How – Your Guide to Front Tuck, Full Tuck, & Tie

By Amy Ann Arnold - Straight-A-Style
April 2018

My Note: I now "Tuck" does have another meaning for us, However, today's post is about the options that a feminine differential gives us for wearing a top.  I will leave the other tuck for how-to Youtube videos. 

By Amy Ann Arnold

I recently asked for post topic suggestions on my Instagram story and got some great responses. One was about when to tuck your shirt in as opposed to leaving it out, when to only front tuck, how to front tuck, what about tying it on the side, etc? I thought this was such a good question, so today I am here to answer! Have you ever wondered when to tuck and not tuck your shirt plus how? This post is your guide to the front tuck, full tuck, tie, and leaving untucked with easy dos and don’ts on each option! Plus photos of each so you can visually see. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment! I will say, some of this is personal preference, so don’t be afraid to do what you like best!

The Front Tuck

The front tuck or half tuck is probably the most popular and easy option when it comes to tucking in your shirt. The main reason you want to do this is to visually create a waist. Front tucking your shirt draws the eye up to your waist rather that leaving your body visually one long line. To do this, simply grab the front middle of your top and tuck it fully in where there isn’t extra fabric on top. From there tuck a little on each side. Loosen a little as necessary. The goal is to not have a super tight tuck but also not too much fabric out.

Do front tuck when you have a thinner top that is not too long paired with mid to high rise pants or a skirt. Front tucks are most typically done casually with jeans though not out of the question with other items.

Don’t front tuck with a thick top that will create a pouch effect in the front because it doesn’t tuck nicely. The only caveat to this is if you have a cropped sweater that will easily tuck. Remember, the whole goal is visually showing your waist not creating a bunch of fabric. Don’t front tuck a long tunic type top that will have too much fabric to tuck in front adding a lot of fabric below your pants.

The Full Tuck

In practice, I fully tuck in my shirt less than I do a half tuck/front tuck. When considering when to tuck and not tuck your shirt, I typically reserve this for dressier occasions. This might be when I want to look more tailored for work, when I am layering and want my bottom layer tucked in for less bulk, or when I am wearing a high waisted pant and want a streamlined look. Another reason to always tuck is if the waist of the garment is made to be shown off like the currently trendy paper bag waist. Doing anything other than a full tuck on it wouldn’t work.

Don’t Tuck – Leave Your Shirt Untucked

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing! Don’t tuck your shirt at all leaving it untucked and loose. The reasons for this would be if the shirt has a specific hem like a peplum, a band at the bottom (like my striped sweater below), or something else. Another reason not to tuck would be a long tunic made to be worn out or a peasant style blouse (like my red top below). Alternatively you might just have a pair of pants and top that go best together left alone. In my example below with the red pants, they are a lower rise and the blouse is looser. Together, I wouldn’t ever tuck them. The pants hit more on my hips and wouldn’t be flattering with either a full or half tuck.

The Tie

The tie is a fun fourth option if you are feeling bored or brave. There really is no reason to do this over the others unless you just want to. It’s easy to do with a thinner t-shirt that has a little length or a tie front top to mix things up a little. One of my favorite ways and reasons to do this is actually casually with leggings when I am layering. If I have a t-shirt on and a cardigan or something else that covers my bum, things can get bulky. If I do a quick knot on my t-shirt it just cleans things up a little.

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