Monday, February 20, 2023

Stand For Freedom - Florida

Florida University Students Plan Mass Walkout to Protest DeSantis "Destroying Our Schools"

Ron DeSantis requested the information of trans students who sought care at Florida's public universities. Now students are planning a statewide walkout.

  • Ron DeSantis told all public universities in Florida to hand over medical data on trans students. 

  • Insider has confirmed six of the 12 universities have complied with the request.

  • Now, college students across the state are planning a walkout to protest the governor's request.

Students across Florida are planning a statewide walkout after Gov. Ron DeSantis requested all public universities comply in delivering data from student health services on transgender students who sought gender-affirming care at the institutions.

DeSantis asked to see anonymized information of any student who has experienced gender dysphoria in the past five years. In addition, he wants their ages and the dates they received gender-affirming care. The deadline to submit those records was February 10. 

Insider has confirmed that University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Florida A&M University, Florida International University, and the University of North Florida have complied with the request, but has yet to hear back from the rest. 

Students at these universities are now planning rallies for next week along with the statewide walkout on February 23. Ben Braver, a junior at the University of South Florida and the outreach officer for the school's College Democrats chapter, is leading the initiative, known as the Stand for Freedom Florida Walkout

"Hate is spread when it's innocuous, when it seems silly, and when it seems like taking a stand is an overreaction. We, just like any generation, need to stand for the civil rights that have already been fought for, the ones that have been won, and those which are at stake right now." 

See: Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State as this being a clear HIPPA Violation.


  1. Our local media is just flooded with adverts from ''Morgan and Morgan'' lawyers handling injury cases...
    Bring in the sharks, students.
    Get free tuition and other monies.
    PS Ron DeFascist for 'Der Governazi' of Florida'.
    PPS-- this is also why I contribute to the ACLU? YOU TOO?

    1. I believe they have a very strong HIPPA case. Go after DeSantis otherwise we Floridians pay for his lack of judgement.

  2. As worried as most schools are about being sued (that is who would be sued, not DeSantis) I am amazed that the schools attorneys would let the information be released. When my daughter was in college the school would not even release her grades to me, because she was considered an adult and I had no right to that information. I was just the ATM. The schools are the ones that are supposed to keep the information private. Now if he tries to with hold funds because the schools refuse to give up the records then he could be sued for violation of rights under the color of law. That is my understanding, but I am no lawyer but did sit through HIPPA lectures every year, after the law was enacted in 1996. I taught for 31 years in public schools.

    1. The schools are afraid of him - Look at what he did to the "Florida's New College" and Disney. Unrestrained by Republican Legislature and .State Supreme Court. Imagine the unrestrained damage at the Federal level.