Friday, February 10, 2023

Dame Edna Everage Interview 2004


I saw Dame Edna live in Palm Beach about 2005. 

Never have I seen an entertainer so comfortable on stage and have interaction with the audenance in such a non threatening funny way.

Before the intermission she choose a young couple in the audience and had them order dinner from a nearby restaurant. This within itself was so funny as she recited the menu and they choose. Dinner was delivered early in the second act and after a lively discussion with the delivery kid, Dame Edna set up a table with three chairs and she had dinner with them on stage. They ate and she talked. Very soon she had couple comfortable and a great funny interaction began. They were not plants and the risk of this falling flat was a sure danger. However, not only did it work but it showcased her impromptu ability to entertain and total confort with herself and talent.    

Something we could all learn.  Never before or after have I seen someone that entertained with such ease. A evening I still remember vividly.  


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