Friday, February 17, 2023

Feminin Differential - The White Blazer

 30 Stylish White Blazer Outfits For Women

OK, not just for the prom.  And, I did wear one that year; likely rented. I caught a Pinterest gal wearing something similar to the one in my fashion layout above and fell in love. Perfect for jeans or skirt. With the sleeves rolled 3/4, there is a nice feminine look. Especially when the sides are tailored in to provided shape.  


Here is a fashion blog that provides many great variations for the white blazer. 


A good blazer makes you look better especially when you wear it for your office. Many offices going ladies, wear blazers and there are various types of blazers available in terms of design, color, pattern and a lot more. White blazers are very much popular and are highly in demand. So here, we are giving you a list of Stylish white blazer outfits for women from which you can choose.

Here is the above white blazer from Amazon - Womens 3/4 Sleeve Lightweight Office Work Suit Jacket Boyfriend Blazer.  The sleeves are described to be 3/4 and also show a simple cuff that will provide another turn up the arm.  Also a similar jacket is available from Macy's - Knit-Crepe Ruched-Sleeve Blazer, Created for Macy's fro $29.70.  This one is described as "open in front (no buttons), shawl collar and 3/4 sleeves. Both Macy's and Amazon have easy returns so I will keep one if it works out.   

It is never to early to think spring or have a jacket for cool nights at the outdoor cafe. 

A Dressy Professional Look

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