Tuesday, July 18, 2023


Did you play with a Barbie doll? I did not. She came on the scene after my doll playing times or maybe I had grown out of my overt sissy / girly phase by 1959. 

However, I did have "baby dolls" and remember vividly staging elaborate tea parties.  Also, I do remember inviting the girls in the neighborhood over for a "doll" tea party. They came. I only wish there were photos or I remember how I dressed for the party.  

After my doll phase, I was more into the "Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955") craze. By then I needed to fit in with the neighborhood boys.  

How about you.  Did you play with dolls? Barbie? 

1959 - The Original Barbie Signature Doll


  1. Yes, my three sisters had several Barbie dolls . I adopted one but she always hung out clandestinely with my sisters’ Barbie friends. I loved dressing her up. I was a poor kid so her wardrobe, left to my resources, would have been shabby.

    But I had 42 first cousins, nearly all within an hour’s drive. Yes, you read that right, forty-two, about half of them females, but I saw only those on my Mum’s side with Barbies. The more well-to-do cousins and friends had Barbie collections with impressive wardrobes. Like me, my Barbie wore hand-me-downs, but hers were much nicer. I also learned to sew my own Barbie clothes. All my Barbie’s clothes could be styled to look fine but the shoes always needed work. So Barbie usually went barefoot, like me. Barbie did not get all the attention: At age nine, Mum gave me a Bavarian farm girl outfit without shoes just like my Barbie.

    Undergarments were rare for my Barbie. My sisters’ Barbies often went back to the toy box sans clothing, but one Barbie seemed to somehow retain her clothes. I concentrated on styling her outfits, something I still do with with my own outfits to this day. I have just the necessary undergarments to achieve my shape and support. If I dressed femme for a month 24/7, I would be wearing the same bra, forms, and pads most of the time.

    My Mum was a hot chick (well, she was, and Dad said so often; she still looks pretty good even at age 90 and StepDad ain’t complaining) so she got lots of Barbie clothes, and big girl clothes also, from her extended family. Barbie, like Mum, could make a so-so outfit look GOOD.

    My brother helped with Barbie’s hair. When I wanted a new “do” for my Barbie, he would get it for me. Barbie was easily decapitated and recapitated back then. That macho Ghengis Khan opportunity is why he enjoyed Barbie. Not to worry, he grew up to be a nice father and grandfather type of guy, not a mass decapitator. I liked the clothes. He like the hairdressing.

  2. Sorry for the anonymous comment. The Barbie comment with 42 cousins comes from Abby.

  3. I did not own any dolls, but as a budding crossdresser, I once borrowed my sister's Ken doll and dressed him in Barbie's clothes. I was disappointed with the results – he looked like a man in a dress!

    1. When we were first married my wife bought me a G.I. Joe just for fun, during those playful days as newlyweds I would often pose G.I. Joe and Barbie in suggestive positions just play for fun with a pair of in love newlyweds

      Paula G

  4. I didn't play with Barbie but I'd love to be rocking that black and white stripe bathing suit!! Lauren

  5. I never had any interest in dolls growing up. But I did have an extensive plush animal collection that I gave them voices and they came to life for me. I am in my late 40's and my wife and I still have plush all around the house to keep us young.