Friday, July 28, 2023

The Perfect Riding Boots


About two years ago I wrote about Mixing Genders On A Motorcycle. Fact is that most riders are perceived male especially riding the larger Harley.  So I do get quizzical looks. 

Riding is something I have been doing since 14 and hope to continue as long as able.  I know; full of contradictions. Some call riding "Wind Therapy", but for me it is sensory overload with that "I am alive" adrenaline rush; fearless.   

After telling me, "I don't think I have sold a bike to someone as old as you", my bike shop owner recommended I get good boots.  The shoes I had on that day were just some old slip-on sneakers. From previous bikes, I knew he was right.  So, the search for the perfect riding boots.   

Let's be realistic; in most of the motorcycle accidents, the toe and ankle area are most affected. So the principal purpose of a riding boot is to protect your toes and ankles from twisting / breaking.  Not to be a feminine differential. 

The site Women Riders Now has a good article on "Our Best Picks for Women’s Motorcycle Cruiser Boots - Fashion Vs. Function".  
Harley -Women's Corrington 5" Riding Boot

Not to be too boring, my first boots for this ride were a female Harley ankle boots. Over two years in, I have gotten good use of these. A very generic boot with just an ever so slight heel with no overt feminine decorations.  However on longer rides, they are short and the top of the zipper rubs my leg in a not good place. The solution was heavy socks; bulky and hot.

A few week ago (photo) I did see at my Harley store in Stuart, a very functional boot. My size was available and after trying on several other sizes, I found the perfect fit. This one comes up higher and dose not require heavy socks to cover a problem spot on my leg. They are made in a 7" and 5" shaft height.  I choose the 5" (shown). 

The construction is a combination of leather and nylon that helps with the weight and provides a good snug fit. Even the heel works for me on the bike and with long jeans it is only slightly noticeable. Your step does need to adapt to the heels and they make for just a slightly different gate.  I love heels!

Helmet Hair

I like the look of this " Women's Corrington 5" Riding Boot".  Here is the description from the Harley site:

A rebellious style for the modern female rider. The Corrington Boot is sure to impress. The balance of full grain leather and nylon make this style breathable and lightweight. The 2.75" rubber heel provides the perfect feminine touch while still being ideal for any adventure -  Shaft height T: 4.5” / Heel Height 2.75"

I like the matter-of-fact look and could see me wearing these to non-ride events with a pair of tight jeans. Just a slight "Feminine Differential."  Biker babe?

See also: Review: TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle Boot Protective waterproof boots for women riders who like a decent-sized heel

Not me - I ride with boots 

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