Monday, July 24, 2023

Gender Neutral Skirt...

And it is cute

This is not a joke or a put-up - See it here - Order it here. 
Wear it anywhere according to Quora. 

Christophe Perrier

Can boys wear skirts like girls?

Sure they can: we, as men have legs, hips and have human apparency so a skirt will fit us. The problem is more to dare to wear one.

If you’re a man, or a boy, and you want to wear a skirt, how do you proceed ? If you have a sister you might ask her to lend you one to try or you might steal it discretly in her closet if you don’t dare to show your curiosity for many reasons.

If you’re an adult you might decide to buy one. If so you need to go to a women’s “assigned” store to encounter one. Sorry for you but I’ve been searching a skirt in men’s fashion store and haven’ t found any. Never !!! So get courage and go !!! Many brands are waiting for you (or your money) in any commercial mall or city center. You have to try it (are you brave enough to ask the attendant to go to the fitting room ?) If you go to a store like Zara it’s worse: Men and women sections are separated and so are fitting room !!! Which one to select ??? That’s a reason I’ve never bought my skirt in Zara. I prefer going to a women’s exclusive store. The problem of the fitting room doesn’t exist because it’s “for all”.

Are you still here ?? Well now you have to wear it in public. Aren’t you afraid ? Well I advice you to first try in a crowded place like a mall or a city center on a Saturday afternoon. No one will notice you. I also advice you to perfect your good look with a masculine and elegant top like a shirt and a classical sweater and nice shoes (don’t forget that they’re quite exposed at sight and if you walk with used or dirty shoes they will be seen). You have to adopt a discrete but good looking appearance. If it’s in winter, you should wear tights to protect your legs from cold and it’s much more elegant in my opinion.

As you see, a boy “can” wear skirts but it is socially very difficult to make it just because society is organised to assign skirts to women as it used to be organised to separate “white” and “coloured” people in several countries.

As a man I decided (as well as few other men in the occidental countries) to “break the rules” and I realize it’s actually possible. I’ve never been mocked or told anything bad. I’ve never been called “Madam” and I’ve never felt so masculine wearing a skirt because bravery is needed. And bravery is known to be a typical masculine virtue


  1. It would be very nice to live in a world with no labels. Clothing?..why does it have to be labeled men’s or women’s? I have liberal and conservative friends that would be appalled to see a man in a skirt. It’s what their brains are conditioned to see. Why do we have labels on any of us? LGBTQ? .... why the labels?
    We all should be able to wear clothes as we like without judgment.
    And live like we want without judgment....but their are those that just have to shame people at every chance they get!

  2. The only reason men and women can’t wear whatever they want resides in the space between their left and right ear. One can do whatever they please as long as it doesn’t hurt another. If your choice in clothing offends others, that’s their business and you have no right to interfere with their business. Just like they have no right to interfere with yours. At the end of the day, it’s just clothing. Clothing all genders have been wearing since we first added fig leaves to our selves.