Sunday, July 2, 2023

Political Week In Review 7-2-2023


Newsweek:   In 1971, Justice Thomas was admitted to Yale's Law School as part of the affirmative action practice according to PBS, which reported that the school wanted 10 percent of its incoming class that year to be students of color.

Justice Clarence Thomas

While speaking with MSNBC on Thursday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Derrick Johnson spoke about the affirmative action decision and ruling by Justice Thomas.

The worst thing about affirmative action is that it created a Clarence Thomas who benefited from the program and now is in a position where he's going to deny many young African American talented individuals an opportunity. The problem has been that institutions of higher learning, corporations, companies, and other entities have denied well-qualified African American and other individuals access in terms of admissions, employment, because of their race."


The American ISIS Party in Action


  1. I wonder how Justice Thomas will rule when a case comes before SCOTUS where a person refuses to make a website for an inter-racial couple?

    1. 'In'Justice Thomas wants to 'revise' the rulings over inter-racial marriage.
      I wonder how his 'loving wife' feels about that and 'him'.
      If there were no 'Affirmative Action' there would have been less chance for Clarence Thomas to 'ascend the legal heights' to discriminate against himself.
      Clarence Thomas shares the same 'psychological discrimination' as
      Tim Scott and the NC Lieutenant Governor of NC Mark Robinson.
      All three men are black, and have fantasies they 'made it on their own', (never true), and now 'frown on their own' that have failed to make the grade'. Velma.