Thursday, July 6, 2023

Stonewall Ball - Palm Beach's Pride Event.

Stonewall Ball 2023 

Compass, Palm Beach County's LGBTQ center, is celebrating its 35th anniversary as an organization and there was a Ball. I attended for a good reason; more on that later. Here is how Compass described the event:

This year's theme was "Back to Our Future". There have been 50+ years of fighting for our rights and this has made the future for LGBTQ+ people bright. As the hateful political rhetoric and laws limiting our rights are passing all over the United States, let's focus on getting BACK TO THE FUTURE for which we fought so hard! We will not be made invisible.

Many attended as we took over Palm Beach County's Science Museum. What better to calibrate "Back to Our Future"?  In attendance were hundreds, including Congressional, State and local legislators; County Commissioners, Judges, Mayors and even those seeking office were there in force courting votes. Well represented were the county's most beautiful drag queens that entertained with a short number.  There were entertainers in costume, food, drink and dancing. The transgender community was there in forces; those that just crossdress (all dressed up with somewhere to go), fully transitioned women / men and everything in between. What a beautiful mix of all LGBTQ+ people.  

 Rand Hoch Founder, PBCHRC
and Rhonda 

That evening Compass was celebrating its 35th anniversary. Also celebrating its 35th anniversary was my Palm Beach County Human Right Council (PBCHRC). At the evening's event Compass awarded PBCHRC the "North Star" award for always knowing the right direction to go. Our director and founder is gracious in sharing awards so, the whole Board of PBCHRC was invited to attend. We stood with Rand for the award presentation / honor.  I was there for that and what an honor it is to be involved with PBCHRC.

Visible was much PRIDE  that evening. It is so validating to be with like-minded "life explorers", that do know how to celebrate and "ESCAPE".       




  1. you should advertise this stuff for other Floridians who might want to attend