Friday, February 16, 2018

Friend's Friday - Mardi Gras by Marie

Guest Post By Marie.

At 6:00 PM the alarm sounded heralding the call to begin the creation of our Play Boy Bunny.  I had expected the process to take an hour, was wrong by 50% and had failed to consider the time required to apply fingernail polish.  It took an hour and a half and put me 30 minutes behind my expected show-time at the club.  

Let me describe the process.  I began with a warm shower and perfumed body wash, pink towel off followed by scented talc powder.  Slipped into lined panties, matching bra, and delicately pulled up a pair of sheer panty-hose, then topped off with a snug waist cincher. All the perfect underpinning for a bourgeoning Playboy Bunny.  Facial cleansing and precision application of make-up from cleanser, toner, moisturizing, firming serum, wrinkle cream, firming foundation, liquid foundation, blusher, face powder, setting spray and lipstick.  Then sandwiched myself into the Play-Boy costume (a Female Tuxedo) including the dual-tiered black-net-crinolines.  Immediately knew it was all me.   

Jewelry consisted of a three strand pearl Necklace, a four-strand pearl bracelet on right wrist and silver filigree bracelet on the left.  Matching silver & pearl earrings, a silver diamond engagement, a combined gold & silver pinky ring on my left hand and a silver filigree wrap-around ring on the right.  Almost ready.  Had loaded my large carry-it-all weaved bag with all the essentials including a camera, black four-inch heels, (drove to the club in flats), hair brush, compact, perfume, lipstick, cell phone and small wallet with bills and ID.  And a new item – the Marie Photo Album-  It never been out of the house previously.  Something told me to bring it.  Had a feeling it might find an appropriate audience and my sense was substantiated later in the evening, but am getting ahead of myself.  Back to the timeline.

With everything in-hand donned the new trench coat, left it open over the flared costume skirts.  Scooped up Puppy-dog, she knew we were going out and did not want to be left behind.  Placed her in her car seat.  Grabbed the Carry-All bag, through it into the back seat and headed for the club.

The parking lot was crowded.  Judging from the car count and the laughter and volume of music emitting from the open double doors a good-sized crowd was evident and I was thirty minutes late, not a good thing.  Club director advised me of this factor as I entered and quickly told me the crowd was larger than expected and get busy “circulating and draping Beads”.  I switched to heels, grabbed the bead bag, started smiling and began sashaying among the throngs and tables.  Took me about twenty minutes to fully circulate and identifying the quieter tables and target them for a special welcome, photos, and Chit-Chat.  Quickly learned this crowd was more into singing oldies and joining the Karaoke singers in contrast to last month’s Halloween party-goers who were definitely into dancing.  However, in a short order, everyone was singing and fighting for the karaoke microphone.  The party was well on the way and I began another circulation run, this time with the camera flashing at most tables.  By this time, it was getting to be a little bit of a challenge navigating among the crowds, chairs, and tables in those heels so quietly retired to my designated perch where the “All-in-One” Bag had been deposited and traded the spikes for flats.  Much more comfortable and safer.

Back to work, was grabbed by the Congo line as it made its way through the club.  After two laps found a table with two unescorted ladies and an empty chair.  Permission was granted to join them.  This proved providential.  One of the occupants was very much engrossed in wearing her fingers down texting which she continued while her table mate was the opposite and very taken with Marie and a 45-minute dialogue followed.  This interlocutory quickly evolved to be a very friendly, cordial, open and relaxed exchange of our backgrounds and the similarity of our likes.  We had many laughs and warm comments on how convincing Marie was as a “bunny”.  While posing with her, she commented I had bigger boobs than she, I responded they were only 36B. Back at our seats and feeling very comfortable, (had not consumed any alcohol), I dug into the ‘All in One” Bag and retrieved the photo album and for the first time shared this look at the history of Marie.  There was no shock, just many more comments on how well Marie, presented as a very stylish woman, attractive girl and in a few cases sexy model.  With all this positive feedback encouragement), broke another rule and provided her with Marie’s business card, hoping we might meet again and continue our interchange as two Gal Pals.  

This was the highlight of the evening and the warm feeling is still in my memory.

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