Monday, February 12, 2018

Winter On My Mind

This week I am leaving sunny Florida with temperatures in the 80 for a trip to Toronto. Business calls and the client wants the training now. "Why not April?" I asked. They laughed and said it would be good for me to see how the rest of the world copes; True.    

Cope I can do. The items above are from seasons ago with the exception of the Laundry Red A-line Coat. I purchased the coat at Macy's last year after freezing on a previous trip. It is still available in a little darker red from Macy's and is available in the red shown above, from Nordstrom. I love the look and with my height, A-line works and provides shape. 

The booties are last winter's  COACH Jemma Booties and not the first snow thy have seen. The pants and boat neck sweater are Lauren from many years ago and are about as versatile as any two pieces can be; all season and flattering. Shown also is the Ralph Lauren Medium Sullivan Saddle Bag, large enough to carry all my travel stuff.

I would love to believe that there could be a "leather skirt and tights" evening out, however I seriously doubt that will happen. The ten day weather outlook only calls for one day with above freezing temps and that day is 34 - A heat wave. Yes, I am so spoiled and likely will receive no sympathy. I will get to "see how the rest of the world copes", however in some semblance of style.  

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  1. Rhonda -

    All I need to day is: "Layers, Layers, Layers...."

    You will feel the chill much more than a native to cold climes, as you have not been desensitized to the cold. The reverse happens to us from the Northern climes when we go South. That's why the balmy weather in the Caribbean will feel so good when I cruise there soon.

    Enjoy your trip! There are some great places to visit in Toronto, and it is a city I wouldn't mind visiting again - for the food.