Monday, February 26, 2018

Spring Is In the Air '18

Can spring '18 be that far away?  This layout is built around a  Ralph Lauren Floral-Print Satin Skort (combination skirt/shorts). It is part of Lauren's spring golf collection. I personally do not play, however, I am sure many of you do.  I love the colors and style.  

If anyone was watching golf this past weekend on TV, you were watching the PGA National Golf Course - Honda Classic.  Here is a little snapshot of my local Palm Beach Gardens event:

The Honda Classic brings the world's best PGA TOUR players to Palm Beach County, providing a week of entertainment for the entire community. The event returned February 19 - 25, 2018 to the PGA National Resort. This year the winner's share will be $1,118,00 and the total purse is $6.6 million. Over the seven days between the Monday, Pro-Am and Sunday's final round, 2017 saw 203,815 confirmed spectators.        

The weather was perfect - no rain and temperatures in the low 80's all weekend. The tournament is held about 5 miles from my home and I could see the blimp circling in the southern sky.    

So let's get prepared for spring. The above skirt is very cute and in the Palm Beach colors. The Boys Scout motto - "Be Prepared".  Is that the Girl Scout motto also?  Works for me.

I see a triple escape in your future. Spring, golf and a cute outfit.... 

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  1. I watched the Honda Classic this weekend. It's nice to know you live so close to where this event was being played. I was kinda jealous cuz it's still Winter in my part of the world. Hummm maybe if I slip on my cute floral flats, Spring will find its way here sooner.