Monday, March 11, 2019

A Gender Reveal Party

The first time I heard of a “Gender Reveal” party was a few years back, my  mind raced, unsure what was involved. Could it be so obvious as in the Big Makeover's “Reveal Party”?  Should I have a big Gender Reveal Party and invite all my friends?

It did not take my mind to long to catch up and understand that it is similar to a pre-baby shower, where interested family and friends were made aware of an upcoming baby’s gender. 

Let’s take this to a time in the future when a baby is born, declared to be alive, human and ready for life. The child is allowed to grow and do all things childlike; run, play a sport, choose toys, and clothing that reflects childlike innocence.  At a time when the child is ready, they choose. They declare “I am a ….." Thus a “gender reveal” party to honor the decision. 

 A Kentucky mother’s creative and colorful way of honoring her transgender son has won her global praise.

Heather Lundberg Green of Louisville told HuffPost that when it came time to celebrate 20-year-old Adrian’s birthday, she decided to stage a photo shoot acknowledging the fact that he had come out to his family as trans just two months earlier.

The result was a playful take on the gender reveal photo trend ― only in this case, the images announce that Adrian identifies as a boy. Green didn’t spare on details, either, sporting a faux pregnant belly in a few of the images, and having Adrian wrap himself in blankets like a newborn in others.

Heather Lundberg Green celebrated her 20-year-old trans son, Adrian (center), with a stunning photo shoot.

The response to the photos ― which have been featured by People, USA Today and NBC, among other outlets ― has been “warm, supportive and empowering,” the mom said.  Read the whole story and see the heart warming photos.  

Maybe not so far off in the future. We can hope.... 

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