Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Feminine Differential - Unmentionables in ER

Victoria Secret Very Cheeky Pantie Nude.
"I am in love!"
Unmentionables are items too shocking or embarrassing to be mentioned by name. Let's go there and use the word.  "Panties!"  Here is another post where I discussed this as well. 

I would say about 90% of my unmentionables "down there" are female designated underwear. Of course at work or socially, boxers or briefs would be so out of place. Even downright inappropriate. In androgynous mode, my cotton bikinis just feel right for a number of reasons.  

My opinion, once you (man) wear women's panties, you will never want to wear boring men's underwear again. Take a look at the list below from Quora.  The question; "Is it okay for men to wear panties?" Share your choices/reasons.  Hint, there are no wrong answers.    

The primary reasons are:

  1.     Comfort - Material is far more comfortable.
  2.     Design - Their design look sexier and more fun than men's.
  3.     Colors - Pink, peach, parrot green, violet, blue, maroon, yellow, skin, grey, white, black - every possible color under the sun!
  4.     Variety - bikini, hipster, G-string to boyshort...
  5.     Touch and feel - Amazing. It embraces you like your girl friend - deeply in love with you.
  6.     Excitement - Every time I wear them, I get a positive energy in my body and mind.  
  7.     Adventure - No details needed. 
  8.     Feminine aspect - It definitely shows one's interest in the feminine aspects of life. It virtually gives a man one aspect of women's experience.
  9.     Less expensive - In India, the Jockey women panties are priced at least 25% lower than men's underwear.  Maybe not in the US?
  10.     Sexually stimulating - No surprise there.... 

Of course I have experienced interesting, near embarrassing events. Like my trip to the "Emergency Room".  Share your story and I will share mine. 


  1. I have to admit that #1 is so right. Most materials stretch just right and fit so snug that it's almost like wearing nothing at all. But I guess from wear nothing but women's undies for so long, just the thought of having to wear men's stuff has become uncomfortable.
    #2 is correct depending on the style and material.
    #3 is OMG so wonderful to have so many choices.
    #4 I have to admit that I wear mostly Classic or High cut briefs. I have several pairs of hipsters but unfortunately I don't wear them as often as I had in the past.
    #5 as I said in #1. It JUST FEELS SO RIGHT!
    As for #'s 6 & 7 Again because that all I wear these aspects are sort of null since to me it's so normal.
    #8 is also so true about allowing men to delve into just one of the few aspects of being a woman.
    I'll bypass #9 because there is no argument there about prices here in the US.
    Buy # 10 is no surprise especially if your dressed to impress your partner.

  2. My 'vote' is for item 10. Not only sexually, but sensually stimulating. I happened upon a closeout of 'Vassarette microfiber BOY SHORTS' ('boy shorts' for women? Yup!) made of a composite microfiber. SERIOUSLY SENSUOUS, and yet an almost complete replication of, well, guy style short leg 'boxer-briefs'. I claimed (read: 'fabricated')to wife that 'I thought they were for men, but when I figured it out, I went back and bought MORE for YOU in your size.' Black color for me, tan color for wife. Wife was sold after the first silken, sensuous 'caress'. Now we caress each other! WIN-WIN! Velma

  3. Oh well, this is one of those things that doesn't register with me. They are hidden, I feel no difference in wearing either kind, the variety for something you don't see doesn't excite me. For me the material is most important. As long as they are cotton I don't care what gender they are.

  4. Rhonda, I loved this post! So to answer your question: YES!! I’ve not owned any male underpants for 30 years. And yes to all of your reasons, except maybe #9 (I never look at the male stuff in a store). Hmm .. embarrassing stories? Really don’t have any – doctors and nurses just seem to take it in stride. I often wear a bra in guy mode, so a few interesting stories here. Once went to an allergist and when I took my shirt off, he did a double take and I said “Oh, I just bought this bra”. Not missing a beat, he said “Did you wash it first? Bras often have a sizing that cases skin reactions”. How enlightened .. and enlightening. 😉