Monday, May 16, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Underwear

Boxer  Vs  Brief

Let's face it this is basically the decision men are faced with as far as underwear goes.  Need I elaborate any further than the "which one is clean or least dirty question".  However, here is where a real Feminine Differential comes into play.  Yes - Play.  

More than two choices 

I found a great web blog that discussed "French Feminine Secret: What’s Under Your Clothes Matters"It is by Tonya Leigh.  It is fascinating.  Here is a quick quote:
May I get a little personal?

What are you wearing underneath your clothes?  Yes, I’m talking about your bra and panties.

Now, let me ask you another question.  Would you be proud or horrified if something happened, and the world was staring at your current state of lingerie affairs?

If you are a woman that walks out of her home every day and deals with the world, and even if you never see the light of day, what you wear underneath your clothes matters.  I’m talking seriously matters.

In your world, everything is energy, and energy is creating your current reality. If you are wearing holey panties and stretched out bras, what kind of energy are you creating?  What message are you sending to the world?  How is it impacting your relationships?  Your business?  Your health?  I can tell you…it’s not good!

Regardless of whether you’re single or in a blazing hot love affair, your unmentionables are sending a very powerful message to your psyche.  Either you think you’re worth it, or you don’t, and that, my love, impacts everything!

Let’s take a stroll through a Parisian arrondisement, shall we....
So when you get dressed do you consider what is underneath.  Hopefully you have more than one bra and you make sure it does not show through under the top.  How about one step further - Bra and panties match or at least complement each other.  Why not - This is a Feminine Differential we can secretly play with every day. 

Tonya goes further:  French women spend 20% of their annual clothing budget on lingerie.  Yes, 20 percent!  Just like shoes and handbags, lingerie is a staple in the French woman’s closet.  Perhaps, it’s more important, because they understand that everything is about intention.  If a woman is wearing something beautiful underneath her clothing, she sends a very powerful message to herself and the world, and we see it as confidence and mystique.

It’s fun.  It’s playful. And, it’s very natural. Ultimately, you are the one receiving the pleasure, mais non?  French women believe that they can be strong and independent and seductresses.  But, let’s not forget that beautiful lingerie is not about seducing a man per se; it’s about seducing yourself.  Ultimately, it’s selfish; something just for you... Darling, investing in beautiful lingerie is about a life long love affair with yourself.


This is one fun and interesting blog to follow. Frensch Kiss Life - Where Women Live With Elegance, Style and Joie de Vivre






  1. I really enjoyed this post. It clearly states what most women somewhat never really thing about. We wear matching or at the very least complementary bras and panties every day. I have to agree that our lingerie does help make us feel more confident and sensuous. We may have a love hate relationship with bras but let's get real, whether we try to hide them there is always a slight outline that tells the world what type of bra we have on. Even pantie lines show through at times. It's time like these that are somewhat revealing and seductive.

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